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Warrior Chef

You play a warrior chef in a world of sentient food, slicing up enemies to cook your abilities mid-combat. It’s a third-person action-adventure where you’ll travel through 4 food kingdoms racing to stop the spread of ‘The Rot’.



The player can cook mid-combat in the pot on their back, and eating food is treated like activating a skill. This allows for a great deal of player expression in the way they play, as well as providing a high skill ceiling of managing the creation of abilities in the middle of a fight.



Mako specializes in the use of his own unique chef’s knife to defend himself from the food inhabitants, with combat being focused on close-quarters sword fights with slow and intentional attacks.


The story of Warrior Chef is focused around the character of Mako, who is on a journey to stop The Rot from laying waste to the diversity of food in the world. Throughout their journey Mako travels between the treacherous 4 Food Kingdoms of the world, home to the fruit, bread, meat and ice people.



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